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Polyurethane foam has been recognized as one of the best insulators for homes; three inches (3”) of foam has an R-value or thermal resistance of R21. Our product can be applied to roofs, walls, foundations, slab on grades and in the most difficult in-situ conditions. Because of the adhesion to other materials, the foam insulation stays in place for the lifetime of your building.

At Ram River we use BOREAL Nature foam insulations from GENYK, a product made in Canada, by Canadians, for the Canadian environment, and is a sustainable product that contains renewable and recyclable raw materials.  BOREAL Nature exceed the requirements of the CAN/ULC s705.1 Material Standard. It is a closed-cell foam that is applied exclusively by certified applicators.

Benefits of Foam Insulation

BOREAL Nature is a unique spray polyurethane foam – superior thermal resistance, excellent air barrier qualities and an integral resistance to vapour and moisture infiltration.  It has the ability to seal cracks, gaps, and voids in your property’s walls or ceilings. Since there won’t be any more drafts in your home, you can use more energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. This allows you to save 30-50% on your heating costs.  As an added benefit, it also provides superior sound insulation.

BOREAL Nature does not settle, sag, or shrink once sprayed in walls and joist ends. This means that you will still have the same effective insulation up to 40 years from now. The foam also self-adheres to the substrate, which makes your building much stronger.  Due to the quick application of this product, you can also save on construction costs.

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Our team at Ram River offers outstanding insulation work for vehicles and storage spaces. Whether you want to protect a certain area from dust, water, or temperature loss, we will provide you with the services you require.

Our team applies foam insulation for the insides and undercarriages of cargo and stock trailers. We also offer our services to clients who are in need of insulation for truck-mounted water tanks, grain bins, water troughs, and the undercarriages of holiday trailers.

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