Industry Leading Field Joint Coating and Polyurethane Spray Foam Company

Proudly Canadian!

Ram River is a privately held Canadian company that specializes in pipeline field joint coatings and polyurethane foam applications.  Most of our work is in the oilfield industry with extensive work on pipelines.  We have worked on a multitude of projects over the past 35 years ranging from 2″ fuel gas lines to 60″ hydro lines. Our technicians have extensive knowledge and certification in applying all types of shrink sleeves, liquid epoxies, insulating weld joints, spraying breakers / erosion barriers, spraying rockshield and spraying support pillows. 

Proud Pipeliners!

Ram River has been part of the pipeline construction and rehabilitation industry for 35 years with a reputation built on service, quality, and integrity.   The versatility of our coating and spray foam services enables us to meet the needs and specifications of our customers in a variety of applications.  We have a “right-of-way” ready fleet of 4×4 foam units equipped with the latest technology for spray foam application, and sandblasting units available to mobilize to any project.  The company also applies the field joint coating on insulated pipelines including the direct to steel corrosion barrier coatings, field injected foam insulation, and the direct to soil coating used to seal and mechanically protect the foam.

Committed to Integrity! 

Together with CSA Group, Ram River Pipeline Outfitters is actively helping make Pipeline infrastructure and  Pipeline coatings safer and more sustainable.  Ram River supports the development of CSA Standards by maintaining full membership within the  Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry Pipeline Systems and Materials Z662 Technical Committee and Technical Sub-committee on Coatings Z245.20 & Z245.30.  Our crews are also trained and certified to install any external corrosion barrier coatings to new and existing pipelines to all CSA Z245.30 requirements.  Ram River also coats and insulates pipeline induction bends and fittings to comply with all CSA Z245.22 requirements.