Who are we?

Ram River Pipeline Outfitters Ltd. is an owner operated company specializing in polyurethane foam application.  Our area of most extensive work is in the oilfield industry with extensive work on pipelines.  We have worked on a multitude of projects over the years ranging from 2″ fuel gas lines to 60″ hydro lines.   Our technicians have extensive knowledge and certification in applying all types of shrink sleeves, injecting weld joints, spraying breakers / erosion barriers, rock shield and support pillows.  The versatility of our product enables us to meet the needs and specifications of our customers in a variety of applications. 

 We have six 4×4 foam units and five sandblasting units available to mobilize to your project.  Our equipment is “right-of-way” ready,  equipped with the latest technology for spray foam application.  For areas that cannot be traversed by trucks, the units can be quickly transferred onto Nodwell  trailers or skid sloops.  For insulated lines that require sandblasting, Ram River has  three mobile units to facilitate your needs.