Polyurethane Foam has been recognized as one of the best insulators for the home.    Three inches of foam has an R value (thermal resistance) of R21.   Our Soya based foam is 40% more efficient than conventional insulation because of its air sealing qualities (dust free environment).  It is a closed cell foam and applied exclusively by certified applicators.

This foam creates more energy efficient homes by expanding to seal cracks, gaps and voids in walls and ceilings.  As a result, home builders and home owners can use smaller, more energy efficient heating and cooling units to achieve the same level of comfort. Polar-foam provides superior noise insulation as well.

Polyurethane foam does not settle, sag or shrink once sprayed in walls and joist ends, giving you the same effective insulation 40 years from now.    With no drafts in your home, it will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  Soya spray foam insulation reduces moisture intrusion acting like a vapour barrier for your home.  PolarFoam self-adheres the substrate making your building much stronger.  Due to the fast installation process, your construction costs decrease while your energy efficiency will increase.